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Subsequent stories of his struggles with depression and even suicide painted a gloomy picture.

Jonathan freely admits that he was that person - before adding with a beaming grin, "but that's not me now."Strong, articulate and surprisingly playful and sweet, he was an absolute pleasure to hang out with as he promotes his debut solo album Tenore.

The pair, who sold more than a quarter of a million albums as a duo, now look forward to the next stages of their burgeoning careers.

For those that voted for us, bought our CDs and saw us in concert - thank you. Sam Kelly, from East Anglia, was keen to show us his feminine side: pink pants and a scarf tied round his guitar. Being Welsh, I was rooting for Only Boys Aloud to come second: the choirmaster was like someone out of an Alan Bennett play. His performance was flawless, and sweet in its ordinariness. I don’t care how much fun they had, I want to be entertained! But it had to be the bashful Jonathan with his big girth and even bigger voice and partner Charlotte, who is a sweetheart. David Walliams joined the Show Bears onstage in the campest thing I’ve seen since Glastonbury, and Susan Boyle came on while votes and Aquabatique’s verrucas were counted: no one would have thought her remarkable if she had Amanda’s body. Jonathan and Charlotte rather shockingly came second, while Pudsey was the winner!

More than the Voice on the other channel, if Jonathan were to win this would be the ultimate triumph of substance over style.

And yet the thing I remember most was the fearless way Jonathan opened up about his depression and the lowest points of his young life with frankness and humility.